Book Reviews: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

**WARNING: This is not going to be a positive review, I apologise to any fans of these novels and hope this will not deter you from the rest of this blog, but I really did not like this book**
I so, so wanted to love this book, the idea seemed so crazy but also sounded like it would prove to be an interesting look about how our world rates worth and beauty. Sadly I found myself incredibly disappointed by the result. Predictable, poorly written and with a plot that plods along rather then spiriting. Tally is severely unlikeable, incredibly annoying  and appears rather moronic at several points throughout the book. The idea was fantastic, but in the end it felt like Westerfeld was trying to encourage girls to judge one another by their looks instead of telling them not to. I have not bothered with the other books but am told that they are even worse then this one – even going as far as to almost glorifying things like self harm. My strong advice is avoid this book! Recommended for – well, no one… but ages 14-16 if you really want to give it a try. I have tried hard to forget the contents of this novel so I have no idea what to warn you about – Let’s just say violence, coarse language, sexual references, mature themes and stupidity.

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View all current information on the movie adaptation (here’s hoping the premise can be done justice this time):


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