Movie Reviews: Beautiful Creatures

Beautcreaturesmovie Beautcreaturesbook
I was originally drawn to reading Beautiful Creatures after watching the movie trailer (which looked amazing), and finished the book just a few hours before I saw the movie. In doing that I got a great perspective for exactly how the book differed from the movie – and it differed A LOT. The basic plot was still in place – a boy living in a small southern town falls in love with a girl who happens to be a witch (or Caster in this case) – but anything beyond that was changed almost entirely from the book. I’m sure hardcore fans of the book would have been disappointed by how this movie turned out, as even the most major of plot points have been changed. I, however, enjoyed the book but was not extremely in love with it by any means, and found myself liking the movie… well, more than the book (please don’t kill me BC fans!). The movie injected some more humour into the story than was present in the book, making it a bit lighter and easier to enjoy. Both the book and movie had the chance to be great and fell a bit flat, but if you’re looking for a nice, silly movie to watch or a light read to curl up with, you could do worse.


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