Book Reviews: Wither by Lauren Destefano

A large part of what makes Wither so compelling is the muted sense of terror and danger Destefano maintains throughout the book. As you read, you quickly begin to realise just how vulnerable these young characters are, and how dire the circumstances under which they are living have become. From the very first page this book had me under its mesmerising spell – the richly woven narrative of love, sisterhood, loss, fear, murder and the desire for freedom is one that you don’t see executed so well in some books. Here it is near perfect. A delightfully creepy sucker-punch of a book, Wither is sure to thrill, scare and move teenagers and adults alike who are looking for a dark, intriguing dystopian world to sink into.  Recommended for ages 15-18. Contains violence, strong themes and sexual references.
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