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Trailer Reviews: Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

The first glimpse at Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (anyone who can explain the irritating title change, please enlighten me) looks like a promising adaptation to the book – including many pivotal scenes despite it’s short length was a good way of satisfying hardcore fans of the books, and the action sequences seem like a good way to tempt new viewers and readers. It did take me several re-watchings, and some assurance from Richelle Mead that some scenes which looked a bit odd had relevance to the book’s plot, to be happy with the trailer. I did watch it many times though, and I think that it’s a good starting point to build interest and I can only hope that it is as amazing as the books. Fingers crossed for more trailers and other such news soon!
If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here’s the link:


Movie Trailer Review: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Many many amazing movies based on Young Adult books have been released in recent years, and hopefully there are many more to come. So I would like to give a brief rundown of what I think about the trailers for some of these movies, and maybe a little about casting and other production elements as well.
So, without further ado….
My review of the trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones!

While it’s pretty evident that some things have been changed from the books, alot of what we have seen of the movie so far looks quite similar and I doubt there will be any incredibly drastic changes from the story. They have included some funny lines as well which I like, as the humour is one thing that sets these books apart from some other YA novels – we can only hope there are plenty more funny lines in the movie itself and they haven’t used them all up in the trailer. All in all I think it looks like a great action-adventure-romance, exactly what a movie based on City of Bones should be.
Here’s a link to the extended trailer if you haven’t seen it yet (or if you just want to watch it again!):

What my ratings mean…

It has occurred to me that some people looking at this blog may be a bit unsure as to what my star ratings mean in terms of how good I think the book is, so I shall put together a little guide to clarify:
Star0.5 to Star2 – Terrible! Avoid at all costs!
Star2.5 to Star3.5 РNot brilliant but still quite enjoyable
Star4to Star5 – Pretty much perfection
This is a very rough guide but I hope it helps you understand my ratings a bit more!