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Book Reviews: How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff


I have a number of mixed feelings about this book, which is interesting but has a great many flaws.
On one hand, the story’s premise is a good one, and Daisy makes for a good, strong narrator, but there are many things which make little sense in the circumstances of the story, or that are just downright gross. The first and most obvious thing within the story is the questionable romance between Daisy and Edmond – I like to think I have a very open mind when it comes to novels, but I do have to say that doing unspeakable things with your underage first cousin, who can, for some absurd reason, hear your thoughts, is digusting. End of story. Another issue I found was with the writing style, which had no indication of dialogue aside from capital letters in lieu of speech marks, and by the end of the novel became incredibly confusing. Not much is done to expand the plotline of the war either, aside from a few grotesque scenes, the novel focuses mostly on Daisy and Piper’s journey, which was fine but made the war an almost unnecessary afterthought in the story. By the end of the book all semblance of sense within the writing style and plot fragments, and the conclusion feels confusing and clumsy after what was, despite it’s faults, still a fairly satisfying book. The main high point of the story was Piper, who appeared to be the only character who maintained some degree of sense throughout the book.
Not terrible, but not the most enjoyable book either, this makes for some interesting casual reading but lacks substance and logic.
Recommended for ages 15-17. Contains sexual references, coarse language, violence and mature themes.

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Book Reviews: Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder

While the writing can occasionally be confusing, this very different YA read is nonetheless well worth a look. The premise at first appears to be a very basic dystopian one, but underneath that lies a highly original and absorbing story. Not the best book in the world but thoroughly enjoyable. Recommended for ages 14-17. Contains violence, coarse language, mature themes and sexual references.

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Book Reviews:


This is the must-read of all must-reads. John Green has magic writing skills and this is arguably his best work yet. Utterly heartbreaking. Captivating. Intelligent. Hilarious. Perfect. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, this book will leave a mark on your life, guaranteed. Readers will bawl their eyes out, and it will be one of the best experiences of their lives. To say I’m eagerly awaiting John Green’s next novel would be a massive understatement. Recommended for ages 14+. Contains mature themes, sexual references, coarse language and infrequent mild videogame violence which will probably only affect you if you are severely sensitive.


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Book Reviews: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent hc c(2)

One of the best dystopian novels for young adults released in recent years, Divergent doesn’t really bother with the illusion of being a “perfect” society. At first it does appear that the world is at least at relative peace but that fades pretty quickly as the readers realise just how dangerous this new world is. A powerful, richly woven tapestry of a plot with characters of all shapes and sizes scattered throughout. A novel of awesome scope. Recommended for ages 14-17. Contains sexual references, violence, mature themes and coarse language.


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Book Reviews: Halo by Alexandra Adornetto


One of the first Young Adult novels I ever read and still one of my favourites. Instead of separating the traditional angel stories from her own book, Adornetto keeps the original angel grounding – heaven and all – and still makes the story her own. Recommended for ages 14-16. Contains sexual references, coarse language, violence and mature themes.


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Book Reviews: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver


Moving, sexy, brave and powerful, Before I Fall is an all-round amazing novel. Every single character is utterly believable and makes the whole story even more tragic. Oliver portrays life as a teenager exactly the way it is – hard and fun and worth living to the fullest. The ultimate teen novel. Recommended for ages 14-18. Contains coarse language, sexual references, mature themes and infrequent violence.

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Book Reviews: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

A haunting, terrifying twist on the angel stories that are so popular at the moment. This time it’s all about the war between the fallen angels and their immortal half-blood offspring the Nephilim. Dark, mysterious and engaging this is a must for anyone looking for a supremely satisfying thriller. Recommended for ages 14-17. Contains coarse language, sexual references, mature themes and violence.


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