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Movie Reviews: Warm Bodies

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A surprisingly touching and tender movie, despite it’s loose horror theme, Warm Bodies is an unexpected gem of a rom-com.
The special effects in all but a few scenes are realistic enough, and the makeup is fantastic, but the real driving force behind this delightful movie is the actors. Nicholas Hoult is stellar as the love-struck zombie, R, and almost impossible to look away from. The way his face fills with all the hope and fear and love and vulnerability R feels without ever betraying his undead characteristics or saying more than a few words at a time is amazing to watch. Teresa Palmer is also excellent as Julie, the object of R’s affections and Rob Corddry and Analeigh Tipton (M and Nora, respectively)’s few lines are some of the movie’s best.
While I had hoped for a bit more comedy, as this is classified as one, I was still endlessly entertained and thrilled by Warm Bodies, and blown away again and again by Hoult’s performance.



Book Reviews: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Unexpectedly charming despite it’s undead main characters, Warm Bodies captures the essence of human emotion and hope in a dying world. While alot of the story can be confusing and poorly written at times, especially during dialogue between R and Perry, it still managed to be an engaging story which I very much enjoyed. Appropriately gory without being over-the-top, and genuinely touching in many places, Warm Bodies is a good novel friend to those who are not usually horror fans or who are looking for something a little different. Recommended for ages 15+. Contains violence and brief descriptions of gore, coarse language and sexual references.
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